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Copa, Copacabana

Silkscreen ceramic tiles in 28 designs and several colors

that can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns and effects.


14x14cm tiles / 48 tiles per m2 

ROW blue site2 copy.png

Copa 4

Copa 5

Copa 6

Copa 7

Copa 8

Copa 9

Copa 10

Copa 11

Copa 12

Copa 13

Copa 14

Copa 15

Copa 16

Copa 17

Copa 18

Copa 19

Copa 20

Copa 21

Copa 22

Copa 23

Copa 24

Copa 25

Copa 26

Copa 27

Copa 28

Pattern & Color Combinations

COPA mix
in Pacific and Sapphire

Click here for color menu

combination blue.png
COP5_w1w3 montagem copy.png

COPA 5 in
Sangria and Sundown

Click here for color menu

COPA 5 in Aqua, Smoky,
Nero and Sand

Click here for color menu

copa 5 sand nero smoky pacific.png
patch 1.png

COPA 5 in
Pacific, Sunglow, Sundown
and Sangria

Click here for color menu


COPA mix
in Pacific, Nero and Smoky

Click here for color menu


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